Hajime Chitose returns

Everyone once in a while, something or other reminds me how much I miss Hajime Chitose. She can sing a phone book, etc. etc. But if she did sing it, it would be the most moving performance of a phone book ever.

Hajime took a break from her music career to focus on her new family. Two years after getting married and having a child, she’s releasing a new single, according to Bounce.com. “Kataritsugu Koto” hits stores Nov. 23, with a title track produced by Sukima Switch’s Tokita Shintarou. The single also includes the theme to the game “Genji”, titled “Tsuki wo Nusumu”, and a cover of the Beatles’ “Happiness Is a Warm Gun”. On Oct. 22, Hajime’s management company, Office Augusta, hosts a live event featuring Anzu, Yamazaki Masayoshi, Suga Shikao, COIL and Hajime Chitose.