An open letter to Tommy february6

Dear Tommy february6, tells me you’re about to release a new single. It’s called “Lonely is Gorgeous”, right? And it will be in stores on Nov. 30? That’s very nice for you.

But I must honestly say, it’s not a really good idea.

The first time you graced us with your presence, reviving the ’80s was still something quite novel, and you were something of a pioneer in that regard.

You were ripping off Duran Duran and Human League bass lines a good two years before Franz Ferdinand and the Killers thought to do the same. But I have to say, that debut album ended up reviving a good portion of the 80s that, well, sucked.

I was hoping one album was all you had in you, but you didn’t. I didn’t really bother to listen to Tommy Airplane. I heard the first few bars of the introduction, and I knew I would like it even less.

Now here you are about to release another single, quick on the heels of your alter ego’s debut, Tommy heavenly6. I have to say, she’s got both you and the brilliant green beat when it comes to making satisfying rock music — an amazing feat for what essentially is a rip-off of Avril Lavigne.

And c’mon — Avril is about as punk as Ashlee Simpson.

So please consider bowing out, and let other artists more attuned to the long-standing music of the 80s take care of that revival. The fact you were one of the first is an achievement enough.