But how does Big Boi feel about the new Kate Bush album?

More Billboard.com release news: OutKast has set Dec. 6 as the release date for its next album, Idlewild, which serves as the soundtrack for the duo’s film My Life in Idlewild. The film, scheduled to hit theaters in early 2006, is set in 1930s, which had an effect on the album’s sound.

Big Boi insists its an OutKast album, not a soundtrack compilation, nor, by implication, some solo album gimmick to make up for the fact Speakerboxxx/The Love Below was not an OutKast album per se.

To quote Tim Grierson: “Best Marriage-on-the-Rocks: OutKast. Big Boi is all, ‘Don’t listen to all those rumors! Me and my man are gonna last forever!’ And we’re all, ‘Damn, girl! He’s cheatin’ on you!'”

Idlewild is also the title of an album by Everything But the Girl. The Scottish band Idlewild recently released Warnings/Promises in the US.

I still want to know how Big Boi feels about the impending release of Kate Bush’s Aerial. I really hope he gets to work with her. That would be cool.

In other Billboard.com news, the Flaming Lips are steadily working on its next album, At War with the Mystics. Billboard has been pretty good about getting updates from Wayne Coyne about the progress of the album. Coyne says the album will feature a harder sound. Would it be too much to hope it sounds like Number Girl? The album is scheduled for a spring 2006 release.