The Number Girl family tree continues to grow. Search for Number Girl on the Tower Records Japan web site, and a number of names appear.

The latest additions are SLOTH LOVE CHUNKS and VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE, both coming out with releases in the near future.

Bassist Nakao Kentaro performed with Spiral Chord in 2004 before heading back to his original solo project, SLOTH LOVE CHUNKS. Tower’s in-house label, NMNL, releases the band’s debut single, “Loveless Ideals“, on Dec. 14.

Tower also lists Jan. 25 as the release date for a still-untitled release. Juding by the price, it looks like a mini-album.

As reported previously, ZAZEN BOYS unleashes its third self-titled album, ZAZEN BOYS III, on Jan. 18.

Tabuchi Hisako’s solo project, toddle, released its debut album, I dedicate D chord, back in September. Reports from the message boards indicate toddle isn’t terribly great live, and the album reflects it. Tabuchi’s vocals are overreaching in a charming way, and her brutal guitar playing overshadows the rest of the band. It’s actually a pretty good album, but I can hear how it may not work live.