Punch me, I’m dreaming, or Cocco releases a new single

Cocco. New single. Feb. 22.

You can’t imagine the glee I feel by seeing those three words together in a series of sentence fragments.

Bounce.com reports the title of the new single is “Onsoku Punch”, and it contains three tracks. The coupling songs are “Dosha Furi Yozora” and “Ryuuseigun” (no indication if it’s an Onitsuka Chihiro cover, but I very much doubt it). Cocco re-teamed with former producer Takamune Negishi on the new single, and a limited edition pressing includes a DVD.

It’s Cocco’s first new release as a solo artist since announcing her retirement in 2001. Since then, she’s published two picture books, was filmed for a documentary and recorded an album with Quruli’s Kishida Shigeru as part of Singer Songer.

Folks, she’s back.

UPDATE: A reader just e-mailed me about a commercial clip available on the Speedstar web site. Hmm. This comeback should be interesting … (Thanks, Victoria!)