SXSW 2006: Chart your schedule

The bane of SXSW is conflicting schedules. It’s great that Klezmatics, eX-Girl and a bevy of traditional Japanese shamisen players are headed for the festival. It sucks they’re all scheduled on the same night.

If you’re heading to Austin to check out bands from Japan, it might help to check out the following table — I can tell you now, you’re going to have to prioritize on Friday and Saturday.

Luckily, eX-Girl comes on after Japan Traditional Nite is done, but I’ll have to miss Klezmatics to go to Japan Traditional Nite.

I’m glad Luminous Orange doesn’t conflict with anything else, and I just may skip the Emeralds on Saturday night — I’ve already seen them twice, and I can’t fucking stand garage rock.

As of this writing, Polysics and Dir en Grey haven’t been schedule for a specific time, but they are listed to play Friday.

table.sxsw {border-collapse: collapse;} table.sxsw, th, td {border: 1px solid #FFF;} table.sxsw caption {text-align: left; font-size: 80%;}

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00 Luminous Orange3 No Japanese bands Uchizato Mika1 Vasallo Crab 752
9:00 Noahlewis’ Mahon Taits Oono Keisho1 The Rodeo Carburettor2
10:00   Afrirampo4
My Way My Love6
Gitogito Hustler8
11:00   DMBQ
Kunimoto Takeharu1
12:00   Oshima Yasukatsu1 Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re2
1:00   Caroline7
eX-Girl5 (12:45)
The Emeralds2
1 Japan Traditional Nite
2 Japan Nite
3 Clairerecords/Tonevendor
4 Panache Magazine and Booking
5 Alternative Tentacles
6 File 13/Better Looking/Truck
7 Temporary Residence Ltd
8 Gearhead Records