My name is ACO, and I will be your Waitress tonight

When the Sony Music web site listed "I Know What Boys Like" as a track on ACO’s now-released mask EP, I was in denial that it was a cover of the venerable hit by the Waitresses.

Well, it is a cover of the Waitresses. A very glitchy cover.

The Waitresses fan in me ought to be mortally offended someone would dare cover this song, but I got a kick out of the snippet I heard of ACO’s version. She’s got the deadpan down, and the glitchy reworking pays homage to the irreverant nature of the song.

Listening to the rest of the clips, it sounds like ACO is back to writing melodies, but she hasn’t totally abandoned the Sigur Rós ambitions of irony. I can’t wait for my YesAsia order to arrive!