(Who’s Heard of …?) Eponymous 4!

I’d heard of Audioscrobbler and Last.fm years ago, and I passed on it. In my mind, Musicwhore.org is supposed to fill the purpose of letting people know what I’m listening to, thank you very much.

And of course, I get to wank like all the rock critics I read.

I didn’t really want to reveal what I was listening to before I had a chance to write about it.

I’m over that now because I’m not writing as frequently as I used to. It’s tough to let the world what you’re listening to when you don’t have time to tell anyone.

So why not let Last.fm do it for me?

But really, I have another motive for signing up.

I discovered Eponymous 4 was listed on the site. Eponymous 4 is me — it’s my foray back into the world of songwriting.

I’ve posted all my demos online with the disclaimer that everything is a work in progress, and I was surprised three of them made their way to Last.fm. (I’m pretty sure it was Ryan’s and Jen’s player that submitted the tracks.)

I also noticed Last.fm allows labels and artists to post their music online. So I’m using the site as a mirror.

I may make everything a full-length stream at some point, but since Last.fm requires only 128-kbps encoding for their files, I’ll leave the downloading to my official site.

As a result of signing up, I’ve undertaken the much-delayed task of ripping my entire library to MP3. That’s some 800+ titles. Man I hope 75GB is enough space.

In the last week, my player has been transmitting stuff I’ve been listening to for the site. I don’t feel it’s quite representative of the entire spectrum of my tastes.

The whole exercise has gotten me listening to stuff I hadn’t touched in years. There’s the jazz trio album Björk recorded with her dad. There’s the major label debut album of 10,000 Maniacs, which I’ve rearranged to reflect the sequence of the vinyl album. There’s In Tua Nua and Nina Hynes, Talitha MacKenzie and The Waitresses.

I just wish this ripping process would go a bit faster.