Release news: Hajime Chitose album in May

It’s been 2 1/2 years since Hajime Chitose released an album, and on May 10, the wait ends.

Hajime releases her third album, Hanadairo, on that date, according to the singer’s official web site. Guest appearances include Tokita Shintarou of Sukima Switch, Matsutoya Yumi, Matsutoya Masataka and Suga Shiako. Producers include Ueda Gen, Mamiya-e and COIL. Essentially, most of the Office Augusta roster.

(They couldn’t throw in Dr.StrangeLove while they were at it?)

"Hanadairo" is the Japanese term for "sapphire blue", a color symbolic to Hajime of peace and harmony. The album will be preceded by a single on May 3 including songs used in the films Hatsukoi and Ao no Requiem.

I can’t say the recent singles have thrilled me, but Hajime Chitose is one of those phone book singers — it doesn’t matter what she sings, just so long as she’s singing.