How blue? ‘Ultra blue’

Utada Hikaru releases her fourth Japanese language studio album, Ultra Blue, on June 14, reports. The 13-track album will include her last few singles, including "Colors", "Dare ka Negai wo Kanau Koro", "Be My Last", "Passion" and "Keep Tryin’". It’s been four years since Utada released Deep River, her previous Japanese language album.

I wasn’t impressed by Utada’s English-language debut. The experiments on Utada were too heavy-handed and obfuscated her writing. The more recent singles find her still experimenting but letting the songs come through a bit more.

I’m a big fan of "Be My Last", a song I had nearly on repeat last year. "Keep Tryin’" and "Passion" were also well done. I’m really looking forward to this album.