Redundant, redundant, redundant

It seems I’m posting a lot more to my journal than I’m posting here.

I guess I’m still falling into the trap of saving news-worthy content and punditry on this site, whereas my journal has more personal ruminations of music I’m listening to.

Just so nobody misses out on either, I’m including the RSS feed of the journal on the side there.

And against my better judgment, I’m leaving comments enabled on the journal. I enabled comments on a very early version of this site — before it acquired the brand — and it attracted mindless LFO teenyboppers and clueless Dynamite Hack defenders who thought the band was, I don’t know, good? So I got rid of them.

I think at the most one of my blog-type sites ought to act like a blog-type site, so I’m leaving comments be over at I’m starting to regret it, though.