ALERT: Bug with YesAsia PayPal feature

It’s already happened to me twice, so perhaps I should let others know …

There’s a serious bug affecting how orders are placed at when you pay through PayPal. In the past, paying through PayPal took you off site from YesAsia to send payment. After a payment is sent, PayPal brought you back to YesAsia, whereupon your order was placed.

For my last two orders, I would be taken off-site to PayPal to send a payment, but when I returned to YesAsia, I was brought back where I started — at the page to place the order. In short, my payment was sent, but the order was not placed.

This first time this happened, I sent an e-mail to customer service. Within a day, they tracked down the unsent order and placed it. I was impressed by the responsiveness and thought perhaps this same speed would be applied to fix the bug which caused the problem.

That’s not the case.

I placed another order today, and the same thing happened again — my payment was sent, but the order wasn’t placed. Once again, I sent an e-mail to customer service, but this time, I am not going to be so easily pacified. This bug is a serious disruption in what was once a reliable service, one that had me shopping at YesAsia after a lengthy patronage with CDJapan and Amazon.

(I still go to Amazon, though, for indie releases, which aren’t stocked at either CDJapan or YesAsia.)

I like paying with PayPal because I can avoid using my credit card, which is already bloated with a heavy balance. But it looks like I’ll have to put some hurting on that credit card since YesAsia can’t seem to fix its own bugs.