One-sentence reviews

I’ll review these albums in fuller detail later. I know I’m stealing my own thunder, but I’m still pre-occupied with Eponymous 4. I haven’t really been listening to other people’s music much.

  • Love Psychedelico, Live Psychedelico Wow. These songs sound so much better live, it makes me wonder why their studio work doesn’t capture that same energy.
  • Hajime Chitose, Hanadairo I’m glad she’s back, but where Ueda Gen?
  • Utada Hikaru, Ultra BLUE This is the album her career has been building up to …
  • Bleach, Migi mo Hidari mo Shihaisuru wa Kyoo mo Niku wo Kui YODARE wo Tarasu Not the hookfest of the self-titled album, but still every explosive performance you’ve come to expect from three girls from Okinawa.
  • ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Fan Club I’m not a member.