YesAsia NoWork

I knew something was going to happen, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

I ordered UA’s cure jazz from YesAsia, and I paid for it using PayPal. I’ve used YesAsia’s PayPal feature before, and I’ve had no problems.

But the last three orders I paid with PayPal ran into some serious problems. I detailed my previous experiences. This time around, it looked like the order went through. I got confirmation the order was placed, which was far more than what happened before.

Then I got a message from YesAsia.

They said they were still waiting for my payment, even though PayPal sent me confirmation payment was sent and received.

I tried to fire off a less-than-patient e-mail containing the confirmation message I received from PayPal.

But the mail form returned a 500 Internal Error.


It’s kind of hard to tell customer service what’s wrong with your order when the goddamn freaking web site doesn’t work. And it’s hard to report a bug when the e-mail form can’t send e-mail.

To celebrate its eighth anniversary, YesAsia lowered the minimum requirement for free shipping from $40 to $25. It’s when they offered that special that the PayPal interface went haywire.

I don’t know if it will get fixed after the special ends on June 30. It would be sad if it weren’t. I don’t want to add to my credit card balance, so I’d rather use PayPal. But damn — YesAsia can’t get its act together.

I smell rot.