Listen: Mandy Barnett – Don’t Forget to Cry

(I’ll make a few of these post this week to get things rolling, then proceed to neglect them with my usual level of attention.)

The major labels really didn’t know what to do with Mandy Barnett.

She got development deals with Music Row before she graduated from high school, but nothing came of them. After she was cast as Patsy Cline in the stage play Always … Patsy Cline, she recorded two albums with two different labels, neither of which reached Kenny Chesney levels of success.

Warner Bros., for whom Barnett recorded the excellent I’ve Got a Right to Cry, recently released both albums on the Platinum Collection but with a glaring omission — "Don’t Forget to Cry", Barnett’s evocative closer for I’ve Got a Right to Cry.

So as a public service, you can hear the track for yourself to understand the oddity of such an omission.

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