Listen: Dylan Rice – March of the Misunderstood

Dylan Rice’s 2004 debut Wandering Eyes is one of the best albums I’ve run across this year, but I think I’m saying that partly (mostly?) because I think Rice is hot.

And he’s gay, so I have a better chance at a groupie fantasy than I would with, say, Roger Taylor of Duran Duran, ca. 1983.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t given much thought to the power of sexual attraction on good musicianship. Part of my Duran Duran fandom was borne of the fact I was becoming aware of my sexual orientation around the same time I was discovering the draw of music.

As my listening skills matured, the physical attributes of performers stopped being a criteria, to the point where I don’t find most musicians attractive.

(And the ones who are hot don’t really make music. I’m leerlooking at you Nick Lachey.)

So in Dylan Rice, I find a guy who makes me feel like a fangirl and who makes really great music.

But don’t take my words or my hormones for it.

[File expried.]