Listen: Duran Duran – Save a Prayer (DMC Remix)

I was late to the first-run of Duran Duran’s global success. I think it was late 1983 when I jumped in, by which time, the momentum of their career was starting to show signs of slowing down.

By 1985, the skids hit, and by 1986, Janet Jackson and Madonna ruled the MTV roost. In 1987, I was starting to branch into the college rock of the day (even though I was still in high school) and eventually moved onto classical and avant-garde. But I remained a Duran Duran fan even after their star faded.

I didn’t hear the DMC Remix of "Save a Prayer" till recently, and when I did, I marveled at how well elements of the original music meshed well with drum samples and synthesizer effects of the latter day.

Throwing in Kate Bush’s "Hello Earth" in the introduction was also a great coup. I must admit, though — I didn’t make the Bush connection till I heard Hounds of Love in its entirety in early 2005.

The remix could have done without the spoken sample at the end, but till then, this reimagined version of the song is every bit as riveting as the original.

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