Duran Duran videos for download … yay?

The early Duran Duran videos which demonstrated the staying power — for good or bad — of MTV are hitting the digital downloaded services. The band announced it a few days ago, but it took Billboard until now to give a rat’s ass.

And I understand the sentiment.

The videos announced for download are the same ones available on the Greatest DVD. The added "bonuses" for iTunes are also the same easter eggs available on said DVD.

Capitol is evidently gearing this reissue campaign to the casual Duranies who liked the band at one point, still like them on some level but couldn’t care less about the minutiae for its career.

I already have the DVD, and there’s no way I’m going to buy video downloads with DRM. I may as well just decrypt my DVD if I wanted that kind of portability. Which I don’t, since I don’t live a lifestyle to require an iPod.

I’ll be interested in this kind of news when such video rarities as "Lonely In Your Nightmare", "Nightboat", "Do You Believe in Shame?" (cool video, sucky song) or anything by Arcadia gets reissued.