Elevated readings of tachyon particles, ca. 1791

This New York Times article (registration required) posits what would have happened if Mozart lived the same lifespan as his father Leopold or his sister Nannerl.

I guess I watched too much Star Trek Voyager in my formative years because my first reaction was that it would have major repercussions on the timeline, and it would obviously violate the temporal prime directive. (Loser! == me)

Put it another way, he probably wouldn’t have heard Berlioz or Chopin perform or compose their major works because he probably would have left some sort of influence to inspire a random, unknown person to take those ideas elsewhere. Who knows?

Yes, I know the point of the article was to imagine something along the lines of what Jimi Hendrix would have thought of Lenny Kravitz. Or Kurt Cobain of Justin Timberlake. Or JS Bach of Ludwig van Beethoven.

But all that time watching Voyager makes me more interested in the science fiction of who else would have emerged alongside Beethoven and Hadyn.