An open letter to all musicians with MySpace pages

To all musicians with a MySpace page:

Please learn how to disable auto-play when you embed video and audio on the same page.

OutKast, I’m looking at you. I attempted to stream your latest album but that damn embedded video clip started up at the same time as the MySpace player, and I was assaulted by a cacophony.

You lost an album sale that day. (Permanently after a trusted source told me Idlewild wasn’t all that great.)

Mindy Smith, I’m looking at you as well. You did not offend me as harshly as OutKast, but you must disable that embedded video on your page lest people be confused when they hear two songs at one time.

Everyone else, take heed — you too will lose the credibility of listeners if your web handler isn’t smart enough to take appropriate measures to avoid such a cacophony. Do you not want to suck? I thought not.

Looking after your best interests,