Golden Pink Arrows, or ACO goes Tokyo Jihen, Singer Songer

ACO has formed a band, so says

Named Golden Pink Arrow, the new unit consists of ACO, producer Taeji Sawai and lostage drummer Tanaka-kun. The trio is set to perform at the "sonor sound tokyo 2006" festival on Oct. 7 and 8. "sonor sound tokyo 2006" is the Japanese offshoot of the electronica music festival "sonor2006" in Barcelona, Spain.

Taeji worked with ACO on her albums irony and mask. According to the band’s MySpace page, ACO and Taeji formed Golden Pink Arrow after recording irony, heading to Berlin to work on new material. Golden Pink Arrow’s MySpace page currently includes a Madonna cover, relabeled "Material Gxxl". characterizes the band’s sound having "freaky, dirty beats". (The words "grime" and "bile" also work their way into the description.) No releases are yet scheduled.