The return of Shiina Ringo

Not that she’s actually gone away or anything, but back in 2004, she put her solo career on the back burner to form Tokyo Jihen.

Two readers have brought to my attention some new announcements on her fan web site — Shiina Ringo is releasing a new single and a new album under her name in 2007.

The Tokyo Incidents web log has a detailed account of the releases, so head over there. Kronekodow also has a special page for the new project, which is tied to a new film titled Sakuran. I will just mention the new single, "Konoyo no Kagiri", hits the streets on Jan. 17, and the new album comes out on Feb. 21, 2007.

There’s also a digital-only single of the film’s theme song being released on Nov. 11. There’s little chance of someone outside of Japan legitimately purchasing this download, since online services such as iTunes require a credit card issued from the country of origin. (Bittorrent *cough* *cough*.)