Cocco publishes another picture book … of sorts

Cocco is set to publish a new book titled 8.15 OKINAWA Cocco on Dec. 21, so says Unlike Cocco’s first forays into publishing, this picture book is a photo album of her Aug. 15, 2006 concert in Okinawa. The performance was the fourth installment of her Okinawa GOMI ZERO Taisaku Ikusa campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the litter problem plaguing the island’s beaches.

Photographer nanaco took photos the performance, a preview of which can be found on her website. Cocco provides poetry to accompany the images.

Cocco and nanaco collaborated previously on a CD/book combination titled The Bird. Cocco wrote lyrics for nanaco, who worked with Dr.StrangeLove’s Takamune Negishi and Osada Susumu on the musical portion for the book.