Oh! That’s where you went

I was wondering why I hadn’t seen an update from ArtsJournal in my feed reader, so I visited the site itself and discovered it had redesigned. And the feed? No longer RSS but Atom. The RSS feed just listed headlines. The Atom feed now includes article descriptions. Good job!

Mind you, I’m only pointing out the music section of the site — it’s got a number of others. What did I miss in this past week?

  • Roberto Alagna evidently having acid reflux. (Ashlee Simpson? Work with me, folks …)
  • A research report claiming iTunes sales have fallen 65 percent. Yeah, fuck you and the DRM you rode in on.
  • CBS not realizing the music industry is the last place you want to expand.
  • In Berlin, a lack of controversy where it was expected.
  • A fairly interesting article about buzz vertigo published on a site that doesn’t realize 10-point Arial font is so 1997. Hello, LA Times? Web 2.0? Part of me wonders why I don’t get solicited till I looked at my contact page and remembered — huh, I don’t like SPAM. I guess my crankiness preserves my integrity.