Surprising upcoming releases, or that band is still together?

One page on Pause and Play I hadn’t yet explored was its upcoming releases page, a list of albums in the works with no release dates specified.

Some of the items are surprising. For instance:

  • Sebastian Bach, Angel Down Dude, I liked you on Gilmore Girls when you played a parody of yourself, but c’mon …
  • The B-52’s, TBD Loops and grooves in B-52’s songs? (According to this interview.)
  • Vanessa Carlton, TBD Your third-rate Tori Amos-isms were annoying from the beginning, and your music deserves its bourgeois placement in diamond commercials. Spare us.
  • Kate Bush, The Complete Story Gasp! Details! Details! It would also be nice if her back catalog were remastered.
  • JC Chasez, TBD Nick Lachey had fodder from which to make a surprisingly satisfying second album. What the hell do you have?
  • Neneh Cherry, Reborn I remember seeing her name everywhere back in the early ’90s but never encountering her music.
  • Toni Childs, Keep the Faith I remember buying an album or two from her a long while back. She was hyped up alongside Sinéad O’Connor, Tracy Chapman and Michelle Shocked in the late ’80s as Women Who Mattered. If you don’t recognize her name, it demonstrates just how much she took off. What interests me is the name of the label releasing this album — Hanalei Music Co.
  • Chili (TLC), TBD I am looking forward to this release for some bizarre reason.
  • Taylor Dayne, TBD She’s big with the gay crowds, but I’ve always found her voice incredibly annoying.
  • Dead or Alive, TBD No shit.
  • Zach de la Rocha, TBD As I mentioned in a comment, this album has been in the works in the time it took Audioslave to release three albums. What’s the point?
  • Dynamite Hack, TBD Huh? I thought this band broke up. Wasn’t that so-called "unreleased album" made available from a zine?
  • Lauryn Hill, Khulami Phase I can’t keep straight what’s happening with her.
  • Scarlett Johansson, Scarlett Sings Tom Waits Here’s the big WTF??!! entry right here. I’m not sure under which rock I was living because news of this release hit in October, and I would have exclaimed WTF??!! had I heard of it then.
  • Living Colour, TBD And this would be their second album since reuniting.
  • Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, TBD File under: they got back together?
  • Smashing Pumpkins, TBD I’ve been following the Smashing Pumpkins reunion very casually, but I’ve been mostly mum about it. And all I gotta say is a Smashing Pumpkins reunion without James Iha is like a Number Girl reunion without Tabuchi Hisako. In other words, they shouldn’t be called Smashing Pumpkins. They should be called Zwan.
  • Velvet Revolver, TBD Was this even a good idea the first time around?