365 Days, 365 Files: Art-School – 水の中のナイフ (Mizu no Naka no Knife)

If I had picked up Art-School’s Love/Hate when it came out in December 2003, there was the slightest chance it could have unseated Shiina Ringo’s Karuki Zaamen Kuri no Hana for favorite of the year. (I decided instead to round up the release date and to list it on my 2004 list.)

When I finally did get around to listening to it, I couldn’t stop playing it. In fact, Love/Hate is so good, I’m reluctant to explore Art-School’s prior works out of fear of hearing something disappointing. (I can’t say I warmed up to Paradise Lost, the follow-up to Love/Hate.)

Although I intended these "365 Days, 365 Files" columns to focus on music I wouldn’t otherwise be writing about, remembering something I’ve already covered doesn’t strike me as inappropriate.

I could have picked a track at random from this album, and it would be a good one to feature. Instead, I’ll go with track no. 1, since it’s a nice introduction to the album as well as the band.

[File expired.]