SXSW 2007: Preliminary band list (Japan version)

SXSW has published a preliminary list of bands showcasing at this year’s music festival. I hit CTRL+F and searched for "Japan" to find the following results:

Akiyama Tetuzi (Tokyo)


BORIS (Tokyo)

CHO Sister-Brother (Kobe)

The Emeralds (Yokohama)

Gitogito Hustler (Tokyo)

GO!GO!7188 (Tokyo)

Green Milk from the Planet Orange (Tokyo)

Hiromi (Shizuoka)

HY (Okinawa)

Hyakkei (Osaka)

Kiiiiiii (Tokyo)

LITE (Tokyo)

Luminous Orange (Yokohama)

Metalchicks (Tokyo)

mothercoat (Tokyo)

Muddy World (Tokyo)

Nekomushi (Hiroshima)

Oreskaband (Osaka)

owkmj (Tokyo)

Pistol Valve (Tokyo)

Suishou no Fune (Tokyo)

The50Kaitenz (Osaka)

Yolz in the Sky (Osaka)

Zoobombs (Tokyo)

Zoobombs! Fuckin’ Zoobombs!

I can’t say I was impressed by the Japan Nite line-up announced on the SXSW Asia site, but this fleshed-out list has me hopeful.

And Metalchicks? That’s Sugar Yoshinaga from Buffalo Daughter and Yoshimura Yoshika of DMBQ and OOIOO.

Now I ought to look at that list for bands not from Japan.