365 Days, 365 Files: Clannad – Closer to Your Heart

"Closer to Your Heart" was the first song I ever heard by Clannad. I bought it as a 7-inch single.

A friend from high school got me into Enya, and he mentioned she was related to the members of Clannad, of whom I’d heard of as far back as grade school. (Ah, music magazines — a great way to learn names without ever hearing the music itself. How did I survive my youth without the Internet?)

Sufficiently curious, I bought "Closer to Your Heart" and was immediately drawn to Máire Brennan’s voice. So I took the further leap and got Macalla, which cemented my Clannad fandom.

Macalla is still a staple in my collection, and it never gets old. As much as I love "Harry’s Game" and certain portions of other Clannad pop albums — their traditional era is somewhat unassailable — Macalla is the strongest of Clannad’s latter-day work.

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