Don’t you know who I think I was?

A few weeks ago, I downloaded an EP from eMusic by a gay folk musician named Dudley Saunders. It was titled The Billy White Acre Sessions, and it struck me as unusually rocking, compared to the mellowness of his other album, Restore. I ended up liking what I heard anyway, so much so, I ordered it from CD Baby.

Imagine my surprise when I put the CD in my car player and heard not a single note of what I downloaded a few weeks previous.

When I got to my office, I previewed the MP3 excerpts on CD Baby. Sure enough, it was the same as the CD. So what exactly what was I listening to, thinking it was Dudley Saunders?

It turns out eMusic swapped Saunders’ The Billy White Acre Sessions for one titled Penturbia by a group called Troubled Hubble.

You can imagine my dismay for having dropped money on a disc I did not originally want. Now I feel like I ought to give the CD a fair shake. Troubled Hubble themselves broke up last year, and CD Baby is out of stock of their albums.

How embarrassing for eMusic.