365 Days, 365 Files: Cocco – 真冬の西瓜 (Mafuyu no Suika) / 愛の歌 (Ai no Uta)

The last pieces of Cocco ephemera are two a capella b-sides. "Mafuyu no Suika" was the middle track on her "Kemono Michi" single, and "Ai no Uta" was a hidden fifth track on the "Yakenogahara" single.

"Mafuyu no Suika" is a children’s piece along the lines of "Chiisana Ame no Hi no Kuwamui", which opens the Kumuiuta album. It’s short and to the point, concentrating on the natural timbral beauty of Cocco’s voice.

"Ai no Uta", on the other hand, sounds like a parting gift, which at the time it was. With a "We Will Rock" beat tapped and clapped, Cocco delivers a simple message with a simple melody: "Love ya!"

[Files expired.]