365 Days, 365 Files: 駄菓子菓子 – 人外境の部屋 (Dagashi-Kashi – Jingai Kagami no Heya)

Dagashi-Kashi is a band that shouldn’t really work on paper. A screechy vocalist fronting sinister garage rock, plus a wardrobe out of a cheap kabuki knock-off — the word that comes to mind is "novelty".

I saw Dagashi-Kashi perform at SXSW a number of years ago, and I was impressed with their showmanship. I also like a band that claims that listening to them will make you die! (Their emphasis.) Kind of like The Ring, I guess.

"Jingai Kagami no Heya" is the title track from the band’s second album, the only one I own since I bought it at the merchandise table after the band’s showcase. It’s not really my proverbial cup of tea, but I like to keep the album around. It’s entertaining in its own way.

Because of the costumes, Dagashi-Kashi is often lumped into the visual kei category, but the band’s music has no roots in the butt rock most VK bands emulate. In fact, Dagashi-Kashi is pretty punk.

"Jingai Kagami no Heya" has a mean muted riff.

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