In lieu of a linklog

Collecting web links isn’t something I do often or, for that matter, well. And while I’ve been tempted to try out’ linklog capabilities, I end up passing. It would become yet another Internet property I’d neglect.

So here’s a one-off linklog of stuff I’ve saved to my page.

  • JWID Musicians who record cover songs can go to the websites of the Harry Fox Agency, ASCAP, BMI or SESAC to find out to whom to pay mechanical royalties. What happens if you cover some Japanese bands? I’m kind of toying with that idea, but I didn’t really know what I’d do if I ever took a Japanese cover album seriously. JWID is the JASRAC equivalent of ASCAP, BMI and Harry Fox. Of course, you’ll need to know how to search in Japanese to find something such as the publisher for Shiina Ringo’s "Tsuki ni Makeinu". Nor have I found out just how to make remittance to an international publishing company. But finding who owns the publishing is a start.
  • International Music Score Library I saw this on Metafilter. I haven’t downloaded anything yet, and of course, the 20th century selections come with a huge disclaimer about their public domain status.
  • Samples of the Javanese gamelan of Museum Nusantara Delft A museum in the Netherlands has sampled individual notes of its Indonesian gamelan instruments. Last weekend for a class project, I downloaded these samples and assigned them to individual keys in the Reason NN-XT sampler. I was very impressed. Now if only someone would sample a jegog.