The Slush Pile, or cleaning up the hard drive

If it seems like I’m writing a lot, it’s because I’m trying to clean out my hard drive. I still can’t seem to shake this compulsion to listen to everything I acquire, just so I can write about it. That’s why I make these Slush Pile entries … so I can assuage that compulsion while not actually having to write about these albums.

I should do it more often.

ACO, Kittenish Love

bloodthirsty butchers, blue on red

Quruli, Zukan

Super Junky Monkey, Parasitic People

Super Junky Monkey, Screw Up

I found these albums when I went back home to Honolulu for a visit. I don’t think I really intended to write about them, but I kept that option open. I’m more satisfied with the acquisition than with the potential for new content.

Lily Allen, All Right Still

It is quite all right. I’m just not going to write about it.

The Bad Plus, Prog

I just wanted to hear that cover of Tears for Fears’ "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

Sarah Bettens, Scream

I downloaded this album off of eMusic after hearing her contribution to the Revolutions compilation. I like dyke music of the Sleater-Kinney/Butchies ilk, not the Melissa Etheridge ilk.

Bloc Party, A Weekend in the City

I was curious about the gay angle on this album, but I wasn’t compelled enough by the music to find it.

Hoodoo Gurus, Stoneage Romeo

Modern English, After the Snow

I’m just trying to catch up on the stuff I didn’t listen to when I was younger. I don’t think I really wanted to write about these albums in the first place.

Mika, Life in Cartoon Motion

Mika has really ticked off the very gay crowd to which he’s trying to market by being vague with his sexual orientation, and while it really is nobody’s business, you can’t court the pink dollar without some essential disclosure. You should see how indignant the After Elton bloggers are. For me, this issue is secondary to the fact his music, well, sucks. More succinctly, I never did get into Elton John.

Now It’s Overhead, Fall Back Open

I was hoping to like this album as much as Dark Light Daybreak, but I didn’t.


Yeah, I’m not as patient with noise bands as I once was.


It’s a PE’Z album. You’ve heard it before. This album is double. Multiply by two.

Queens of the Stone Age, Era Vulgaris

No, I’m not feeling it.

The Back Horn, The Back Horn

Why am I mentioning this? I stopped listening to The Back Horn after Ikiru Sainou, and other sites such as Keikaku are far more diligent with covering the band. So I should just let them do their job.

Van Tomiko, Voice ~cover you with love~

Most of the covers on this album are Japanese, so it’s hard to review it without knowing the source material. But she covers Bread’s "If". That’s all that needs to be said.

Amy Winehouse, Back to Black

As I asked on Twitter, how did Amy Winehouse manage to swallow Lauryn Hill? I guess you get to be a critics’ darling by sampling old Motown singles.

Zoobombs, B*B*B*

I actually kind of dug this album, but it didn’t nudge anything off of my regular rotation. So I can’t write about something I didn’t really listen to all that much.