New envy album in November, mono rarities out now

I keep forgetting to post about the new mono collection in stores now (today, in fact), titled Gone. The album includes tracks from the very rare debut Hey You EP, as well as material from various vinyl and split EP releases. The band is also releasing a DVD documenting their overseas tours, titled The Sky Remains the Same As Ever. It’ll be available in the US in early 2008, according to the band’s website, and it’s already available in Japan. When the band tours the US this fall, they’ll be selling copies at their shows. also reports envy releases a new album on Nov. 17, titled transfovista. Like mono, the band also releases a DVD on the same day, titled abyssal. The DVD follows the band on its US tour and includes some promo videos as well. No US release date was specified for neither the album nor DVD.