Podcast #1-5. Wayne Horvitz/Pigpen: V as in Victim

After I discovered John Zorn’s Naked City, I wanted to explore the works of its individual members. I assumed their own albums would sound like Naked City. That wasn’t the case with Bill Frisell and Wayne Horvitz. I bought a number of albums by both, and I have to admit I was kind of bored by them.

But then I stopped expecting Naked City and listened to them as individuals. Horvitz’s music grew on me to the point where I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a fanboy. His work is so varied, I could — and probably might — spend a few more podcasts exploring them. Pigpen most closely resembles Naked City, and V as in Victim is the band’s tightest album.

Songs featured:

  • ‘Cause I’m in Love Yeah
  • Testament
  • Speech
  • A Portrait of Hank Williams, Jr.
  • Stompin’ at the Cranium
  • Again (Bill Frisell cover)
  • V as in Victim