Podcast #1-7. In Tua Nua: The Long Acre

The next few podcasts aren’t very good, at least in my opinion. I rushed through the writing and recording of them, producing all of them in one weekend. It kind of shows. This particular show is actually the shortest of the season, and I don’t really go into as much detail as the other shows.

In Tua Nua was popular in Europe, and the band was on the periphery of a big break. U2 signed In Tua Nua to its Mother label in the late ’80s. The band gave Sinéad O’Connor a shot by letting her write lyrics to their songs. Violinist Steve Wickham left the band to join the Waterboys. But the band broke up before any of those connections could turn into real opportunities.

It was pure chance I heard this band.

Some notes:

  • In Tua Nua’s albums have been out of print for a long time, but last year, both The Long Acre and its predecessor, Vaudeville, were reissued on iTunes. Recently, the band’s unreleased 1989 album, When Night Came Down on Sunset, was also released on iTunes.
  • I include “Seven into the Sea” on this podcast, even though that track is actually on Vaudeville. On the US release of The Long Acre, “Seven Into the Sea” replaced one of the tracks from the European release.

Songs featured:

  • Woman on Fire
  • All I Wanted
  • Wheel of Evil
  • The Innocent and the Honest Ones
  • Seven Into the Sea