November is National Xxxx Xxxx Month …

National Novel Writing Month has become so popular, it’s inspired other events of the same ilk — write or create a full work of something in 30 days. Last year, I participated in National Solo Album Month — write a 37-minute album in one month. I opted to go for a bunch of solo piano pieces.

I’m not participating in anything this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working. If November has been deemed such a productive month, I figured I’d head back into the studio and hack out a few more things. So that means fewer posts here.

That doesn’t mean the site will be at loss — I might be able to squeeze in writing and recording of the podcast’s second season. If I can get a few shows in the can, I can start thinking about a potential premiere date.

Now that the first season has aired, I was wondering what you all thought about the podcasts in general. Does the format still feel too short, or does it make sense as a whole? (I doubt I’d be changing the length, though.) How was the sound quality? Do I need to speak faster or more slowly?

More importantly, did you like what you hear? Did it get you interested in something you probably wouldn’t have explored before?

I don’t usually solicit feedback for this site, but the podcast has a bit more overhead than the usual post. So I’d like to get a sense of how much value it adds to the site. (That’s the polite way of asking, is it worth the effort?)