Mukai meets Imai (not Miki, though)

I spotted something a bit interesting when browsing my news feeds today. Mukai Shuutoku is working with a new singer named Leo Imai on his forthcoming single, "Metro", so says The single arrives in stores on Jan. 30, 2008.

Imai’s major label debut, Fix Neon, follows on Feb. 27, 2008. Curious, I visited his web site and listened to a few of the audio samples. Not bad. He doesn’t have the nasal vocals of many Japanese male singers, and his sound is reminiscent of the more commercial late ’80s college rock. Imai’s music has been described as the bastard love child of Black Sabbath and Kylie Minogue, according to Bounce.

Given Mukai’s penchant for Led Zeppelin and new wave as of late — still haven’t gotten the new ZAZEN BOYS single yet — I’m curious to hear how "Metro" turns out.