Cocco releases live DVD in the spring

Speedstar Records has announced the release of a live DVD from Cocco to be released in the spring. The DVD covers the last two dates of Cocco’s Kira Kira Live Tour 2007/2008, which actually ended yesterday in Japan. (It’s now Jan. 11 there.) The Jan. 9 set showcases her full band, while the Jan. 10 date is an acoustic. Footage from both nights will be edited and compiled on the DVD.

Back in November, Cocco reissued her Okinawa-only release, "Fuuka Fuusou", on DVD, once again restricting the release to Okinawa. I saw this news on Oops Music a few weeks back but forgot to post about it.

I wish her Spaceshower TV performance from 2000 would be released on DVD.