SXSW 2008 music festival schedule posted

This morning, SXSW notified me I was able to purchase a wristband for the 2008 music festival. The festival schedule has also been posted, and the first thing I did was figure out if there were any conflicts.

On Wednesday, I’m spending the entire night at St. David’s Cathedral for the Steve Reich showcase. If I can’t attend the interview with Thurston Moore, I’m not going to miss this performance.

On Friday, Maggie Mae’s hosts Wing at 8 p.m. That’s early enough for me to catch a good part of Japan Nite at Elysium, if there isn’t already a line to get in. I might stick around for detroit7, but I’m not terribly interested in seeing Petty Booka or ketchup mania.

Although not billed as a part of Japan Nite, Elysium’s Saturday schedule hosts more Japanese bands, including the one I really want to see, toddle. Tabuchi Hisako is no stranger to Austin, having performed with NUMBER GIRL at SXSW in 1999 and 2000. I’m definitely leaving after toddle in order to catch the 1 a.m. showcase of hey willpower at Lamberts.

And Thursday? Well, that’s the night I usually can’t find anything terribly compelling to attend. The NACO showcase at Flamingo Cantina is the most promising event. I’m going to have to wing it or perhaps do the unthinkable and stay in that night. I don’t usually do anything on Sunday, but if I’m squeezed out of Wing on Friday, it looks like she’s doing another show at Emo’s on Sunday.

With the exception of hey willpower, most of the shows I want to attend happen early enough in the evening that I might get home before the clusterfuck of 2 a.m. traffic. I’m so not young anymore.