Ueda Gen passes away at age 47

Ueda Gen, a former member of LA-PPISCH and the songwriter behind Hajime Chitose’s big hit "Wadatsumi no Ki", passed away on March 9, reports Bounce.com. He was 47.

Ueda announced he had cancer two years ago, and he would give his treatment undivided attention. Services for Ueda happen on March 13 at Sennichidanikaidou.

Ueda co-wrote and produced much of Hajime’s first releases, from the self-titled covers EP to her second album, Nomad Soul. He contributed two tracks to her third album, Hanadairo.

Before devoting his time as a songwriter and producer, Ueda played keyboard and saxophone for the ska band LA-PPISCH from 1984 to 2002. LA-PPISCH recorded for Speedstar Records before moving to Universal Music in the late ’90s. The band went on hiatus in 2003 but reunited for the Rising Rock Music Festival in 2007.