The perfect storm of SXSW, oak allergies and writer’s block

My SXSW 2008 checklist:

  • Shows I want to see loaded on my iPod Nano calendar? Check. (I have to say carrying my tiny Nano around was incredibly convenient. Far more than folding up a copy of the showcase schedule from the Austin Chronicle.)
  • Wristband picked up? Check. (The friendly SXSW folks put it on you, so I’m saddled with this thing till Sunday. It’s not so bad so long as it stays dry.)
  • Cash? I’ll withdraw some from the credit union on Wednesday.
  • Cigarettes? I’ll pick some up the next time I gas up, which should be soon. I think, though, most of the venues I’m going to have no patios, therefore, the smoking ban is in place.
  • Phone charged? Yes, but I’d better recharge it on Wednesday.

So yes, the SXSW 2008 music festival begins in two days. Last year, I attempted to write about the festival, but I was so exhausted by the end, I didn’t replace some temporary entries with real ones. I’m not going to promise I’ll do any better this year.

The myriad of oak trees in the Central Texas area get frisky this time of year, and they get their horniest at the start of April. I’m pretty sure I’ll be basket case around then, despite copious amounts of Zyrtec in my system. I also did a marathon of writing over at, putting up reviews of movies I watched … last year.

In other words, I’m kind of tapped out at the moment. I find myself wanting to start a weblog entry, only to back out and do something else entirely. The backlog of reviews grows yet again, but I’m going to ignore it till, oh, maybe mid-April? For now, I’ll post when I encounter something newsworthy. I also have a number of Favorite Editions of Years Past saved up.

See you all on the other side …