Shopping list for Waterloo Records storewide sale, Apr. 3-6

Waterloo Records holds two storewide sales every year — one after SXSW, and another before the Christmas rush.

Somehow, they seem to coincide with dry spells, when I’m not particularly covetous of anything in particular. When the sales are over, then I’ll realize, "Huh, I kind of wanted to get that." So I’m making a shopping list.

[UPDATE, 04/06/08, 11:26 PM] The sale is over, and I ended up with pretty much everything I wanted. Thing is, I didn’t actually buy some of these items from Waterloo. New comments are in italics.

  • Steve Reich, Music for 18 Musicians (Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble) I downloaded this album from eMusic, and now I want to own it on disc. It’s a hybrid SACD, so the list price is a whopping $23.99!
  • Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson, Sings Peter Lieberson: Neruda Songs I bought this from Amazon MP3 downloads for $5. The actual CD isn’t terribly expensive, since the album itself is only 1/2 an hour long.
  • Darren Hayes, This Delicate Thing We’ve Made I have doubts this album will be in stock, but I’ll look for it anyway. I was surprised to find this album, priced $2 cheaper than Barnes & Noble. Maybe one of my old co-workers is reading this site?
  • Annie Lennox, Songs of Mass Destruction Even after calculating the 20 percent discount, offset against 8.25 percent sales tax, it might still be cheaper to buy this album from a loss leader, which defeats the purpose of buying locally. Oh, the pesky penny pinching!
  • Cocteau Twins, Blue Bell Knoll Fuck it, I may as well just get all the albums that matter.
  • K.U.K.L., The Eye An eMusic purchase I may want to convert to CD. Not sure I will, though. No K.U.K.L. in stock. In fact, the namecard was missing. Are these albums no longer available in the US?
  • NEW! Office, A Night at the Ritz I like this album enough that I want to hear it in my car, so I upgraded it from the eMusic download.

These items may already be on sale since they will be more recent releases by the time the sale starts:

  • Janet Jackson, Discipline Do I like this album enough to want to listen to it in my car? I bought the Janet and Annie Lennox albums from Target as a reaction to my disappointment in the B-52’s and Gnarls Barkley albums. A moment of weakness.
  • R.E.M., Accelerate For once, an R.E.M. album I’m looking forward to getting.
  • Kylie Minogue, X I hope her US label doesn’t psych out again. This album was supposed to be out back in February, and it’s been out in Europe since last November. April 1 is the current release date. I bought the R.E.M. and Kylie when I was at Target to get some toothpaste and protein shakes. They came out on Tuesday, and the sale didn’t start till Thursday. I didn’t want to wait.