More details about LOVE PSYCHEDELICO compilation

Shawnté Salabert from Hacktone Records saw my post about the LOVE PSYCHEDELICO compilation being released by the label, titled This is LOVE PSYCHEDELICO. She gave me a few more details about the release.

First, KUMI and Sato Naoki remastered the tracks with Joe Gastwirt, who has worked with Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac and the Beach Boys — appropriate credentials given the band’s classic rock sound. The deluxe packaging includes full lyrics of all the songs with handwritten transliterations by Naoki, plus a LOVE PSYCHEDELICO window sticker.

Salabert also mentions the duo will be in the US during the spring or summer to promote the album. A tour, perhaps? I’m hoping for a return visit to Austin.

Visit or Hacktone’s LOVE PSYCHEDELICO Myspace page for more details.

This is LOVE PSYCHEDELICO hits digital download sites on Apr. 29, with a retail release on May 6.