ART-SCHOOL, downy side project releases album in May

A side project featuring members of ART-SCHOOL and downy releases a debut album in May, so says ART-SCHOOL Guitarists Kinoshita Riki and Todaka Masafumi join downy bassist Nakamata Kazuhiro and drummer Akiyama Takahiko in backing lead singer Achiko (on button down) to form KAREN. The band’s first album, MAGGOT IN TEARS, hits stores May 2 and contains nine songs. A special edition sold only at Tower Records includes a DVD with a video.

KAREN began in 2005 and has since performed live periodically. Judging by the songs on the band’s Myspace page, Kinoshita’s strong melodic sense seems very much present. Achiko’s mature voice has a slight rasp, which is complemented nicely by Kinoshita’s own nasal timbre.

I’m not sure I’d buy the album on the spot, but I’d certainly check it out if it hits the Evil Sharing Networks.