Reading between the lines: the lost Duran Duran album

Duran Duran works with Mark Ronson yadda yadda Duran Duran North American tour yadda yadda upcoming picture book yadda yadda …


Here’s an interesting final paragraph from this Billboard article:

And further on the horizon Rhodes says the group hopes to release "Reportage," the album it scrapped in favor of "Red Carpet Massacre" that features the last work original guitarist Andy Taylor did with the band. "We want it to come out one day," the keyboardist says. "It’s a really interesting record…more of an edgy, indie rock album, obviously going back to our earlier roots. There are a lot of songs I’m very proud of that I’d like people to hear."

Here’s what my cynical-colored lenses see:

We’re trying to figure out how much to pay off Andy Taylor to let us release an album that was probably better than that tanking piece of crap "Red Carpet Massacre" turned out to be.

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland did far better with the new Madonna album than with Duran Duran.