Remote dispatch

So far, this trip back home to Hawaiʻi has been a wash where CD shopping is concerned. I dropped a ridiculous amount of cash on ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s World World World just because it was convenient to buy at a cash register. Had I exercised restraint, I could have ordered it online for $15 cheaper.

I did find Ann Sally’s Moon Dance and Fuji Fabric’s Ala Carte over at Book Off in Shirokiya, but I don’t think I loved those albums enough to spend money on them.

Last year, I made off with some ACO, bloodthirsty butchers, Quruli and SUPER JUNKY MONKEY. This year, no such discoveries were found. And it was a pipe dream to think I could find BUGY CRAXONE, Fuji Fabric’s TEENAGER, the Port of Notes best album or DVDs from Cocco, Supercar and Tokyo Jihen.

Had I wanted to spend cash on Do As Infinity, Hamasaki Ayumi or even Remioromen, I would have been well supplied. But for the usual favorites, I would need to resort to my usual online avenues.

My trip ends Monday night. I’ll be back in Austin on Tuesday noon-ish.