Recent releases, or my aren’t we inattentive?

If I were scouring web sites the way I used to in 2002, I probably would have been hip to the following recently-released items.

First, Sasagawa Miwa, who left Avex Trax after the release of her fourth album Mayoi Naku, has released a 7-track mini album on independent label April Records titled miwaBLUE. It’s available from the label’s web site, but it’s pretty obvious international sales aren’t supported. A listing at Amazon is already sold out, and I see no signs of it at HMV. It was released June 6, 2008.

Also released on the same day is a new album by BLEACH, Kien. At least this one has distribution. Even YesAsia carries it. I’m probably going to order it when I get the Hajime Chitose album. Now there’s a contrast. Of course, I could just wait for Australian Cattle God to release it stateside and save a few bucks. Hell, the label is based in Austin! But I’ve gotten all their other albums from Highwave, so I may as well be consistent.

I’m spending more on gas than on Japanese import CDs anyway.