The entry of things about which I’d write if distraction weren’t so prevalent

I’m making a music video. And in making that video, I ended up making another one in the interim. So, yes, I’m a bit pre-occupied, which is no great surprise.

However much I would like to write entries about the following topics individually, I think I’m just going to a brain dump and hope I can elucidate at a later time.

Reviews I still intend to write:

  • Emmylou Harris, All I Intended to Be
  • Huang Ruo, Chamber Concerto Cycle (International Contemporary Ensemble)
  • Janet Jackson, Discipline
  • Madonna, Hard Candy
  • Metalchicks, either St. Wonder or the self-titled album (haven’t decided which)
  • Midnight Oil, Diesel and Dust (Legacy Edition)
  • Nico Muhly, Mothertongue
  • R.E.M., Accelerate
  • The Dead Betties, Nightmare Sequence (still working on This Is My Brain on Drugs)

Upcoming releases I should have mentioned days ago

  • OCEANLANE, Fan Fiction (a cover album which includes Sade’s "Smooth Operator"; that sells me right there), Aug. 6
  • Quruli, "Sayonara Regret/pray", Sept. 3

Other stuff that caught my interest

  • Nonesuch announced the relaunch its website, and OMG is it an improvement from the last redesign.
  • YesAsia also redesigned its site, finally joining 2008 after a decade with its quaint 1998 design. It still feels a bit ghetto, though.
  • Grizzly Bear readies a new album for an April 2009 release.
  • In the span of three Audioslave albums, Zack de la Rocha finally releases an EP? This after reuniting with his old Rage Against the Machine band mates?
  • Holy shit, Wayne Coyne is finally done filming Christmas on Mars.
  • Another "Modern classical sucks! Does not!" battle in the pages of the Guardian by Joe Queenan and Tom Service.