Wendy & Lisa release new album in September 2008

Every once and a while, Pause and Play has an actual tidbit of information that’s remotely useful to me. Case in point: the upcoming new album by Wendy and Lisa. Pause and Play lists Sept. 9 2008 as the release date for White Flags on Winter Chimneys.

The duo has been working as composers for film and television since the early ’90s, working on such projects as Crossing Jordan, Something to Remember, Bionic Woman and, perhaps their highest-profile gig, Heroes. When the writer’s strike truncated the 2007-2008 television season, Wendy and Lisa used the time to write and record a new album, their first in a decade.

Back in 1998, the pair self-released Girls Bros., an album about which I wouldn’t have known had I not run into a vendor at the Austin Record Convention who mentioned its release. Today, keeping up with Wendy and Lisa is as easy as finding their Myspace page. Or Facebook. Or Twitter.

It’s kind of weird, really. I bought their self-titled debut album when I was 15 years old. Back then, the label served as gatekeeper, determining how much interaction a teenager in Honolulu could get with a pair of artists who have worked with Prince. The label has long since been out of the equation, and the Internet essentially lets them get their music to me directly.

How cool is that?

By the way, the songs made available for preview? Typical hard-to-classify alt-rock. Something good really did come out of the writer’s strike.

[UPDATE, 10/26/2008 17:32] Wendy and Lisa are eying a November release, probably Nov. 11 or Nov. 18, according to one of their Tweets on Twitter. The duo are working with Topspin on the release.